What is rawhide? Rawhide refers to the hide of an animal that is untanned. Traditionally, hides are split (divided into two layers). The inner layer of the hide is predominantly used to make rawhide chews for dogs, whereas the top layer is typically tanned and utilized for fashion accessories such as shoes and handbags. Most rawhide dog chews are mainly sourced from beef cattle hide, however you can also find chews made from pork hide and buffalo hide.

Rawhide can be less expensive and longer lasting than other chews, and its delicious flavor has been a favorite among dogs of all breeds for generations. This natural chew comes in a variety of traditional shapes and sizes, ranging from fun braided donut-shaped rings to thick knotted rawhide bones.

While dogs typically love beef hide’s natural flavor, you can also choose from basted rawhide chews containing flavors such as beef, chicken, or peanut butter to make them even more irresistible for your fur friend!


One of the greatest benefits of natural dog chews such as rawhide—in addition to the great taste they offer dogs—is the dental aspect. Rawhide helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup through dogs’ natural chewing action by rubbing and scraping the teeth clean, promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Rawhide also keeps dogs busy and promotes healthy behavior. Chewing is a natural way for dogs to cope with stress and boredom, and long-lasting rawhide provides an outlet to manage these emotions.


While rawhide is considered digestible, it is recommended to supervise the use of all edible chews to ensure that your dog does not bite off pieces too large to swallow.

There are also many non-traditional, highly digestible rawhide chews including our premium Smart Hide™ chews. Made with a patent-pending Easy-Digest Grid Design, these chews feature strategically placed holes throughout that help each chew soften faster and digest easier in the stomach.


The animal hide used to make rawhide is cut, washed, shaped, and dried in an oven. Cadet® dog chews are then sorted, packed and inspected before shipment. The rawhide used in Cadet chews are batch tested throughout the process for quality assurance.

Facilities where our rawhide products are made have also achieved globally benchmarked pet food safety certifications to ensure our chews meet the highest standards.


Cadet rawhide is safe for dogs because we adhere to high-quality standards. Fur friends are born with an instinctive urge to chew, and many dogs will munch on potentially dangerous items such as woodwork or furniture if they’re not given an appropriate chewing outlet. Rawhide bones provide a safer, more durable chewing solution that satisfies dogs’ natural cravings and discourages destructive chewing habits.

Although the vast of majority of dogs safely enjoy rawhide and its healthy benefits, you should always supervise your dog while they chew, select products that are appropriate for their size, and give them access to plenty of fresh water. Your Cadet will thank you for a tasty, occupying, and satisfying rawhide chew any day!